Strategy Statement

1. Physical Mission

a. Developing

- Build the capacity of leaders to manage and sustain their own development.

- Make the place and food for high school students.

- Train and teach rural people more about how to use external resources.

- Develop a community’s resources to meet their needs with their own resource

- Provide disaster relief with food, rice, water (filter water, well, pound...), mosquito nets, mats, and emergency health service with medicine.

- Make the bridge, pound. - Make the primary school for separate village.

- Provide the education development with books, pens, tables, and a blackboard.

- Cooperate with other organizations and generous people.

b. health

- Go to meet rural people for check-ups and provide medicine monthly.

- Train and teach rural people about how to live in healthy conditions with clean water, hygiene food, and so on.

- Transfer emergency disease for treatment.

- Keep continuing medicine for those who need it, like hypertension, Diabetes...

- We keep the over-the-counter medicine in leading rural to use in mild diseases like headache, fever...

- Cooperate with an Organization or generous person who has the same vision.

- Place a volunteer person to help with our work.

- Provide the Albedazol (worm drug) for all children who are over 1 year old at least twice per year.

Vision Statement

1. Physical

a. Development

- All children can get an education.

- All youths can finish at least high school class and have enough ability.

- Rural people get enough income from their resources.

- They are safe with traveling and living.

b. health - Have a safe and healthy lifestyle.

- Get enough treatment service.

- Have a Polyclinic for poor people.

Value Statement

These values are reflected in the spiritual, attitude, and activities of our program.

- We believe that Christians in Cambodia are growing up more and more.

- We believe in a holistic approach to empower the poor and marginalized to have ownership of their development.

- We believe that all children should have free access to education to develop their intelligence and skills.

- We believe that all people have the right to have good food, safe water, and health services.

- We believe in people’s creativity and their ability to develop unique solutions to their problems.

Agricultural Project

Education Project

Health Project

Water Sanitation Project