Strategy Statement

1. Faith Mission

- Build the capacity of leaderships to manage and sustain their own development by training (conference, cinema, CPI program.....)

- Support rural people of bibles, song books, and others Christianity books. - Teach the people to love each other as sibling.

- Build the youth to be the leader ships ( youth conference) - Have cooperate with other Christian for training program

2. Health

- Go to meet rural people for check-up and provide medicine monthly.

- Train and teach rural people about how to live in healthy condition with clean water, hygiene food, and so on.

- Transfer emergency disease for treatment.

- Keep continuing medicine for who need, like hypertension, Diabetes...

- We keep the over-the-counter medicine in leader of rural to use in mild disease like headache, fever...

- Cooperate with Organization or generous person who has the same vision.

- Place volunteer person to help our work.

- Provide the Albedazol (worm drug) for all children who are over 1 year old at least twice per year.

 Vision Statement

1. Faith

- All Christian to be mature spiritual and to be a saint person in social.

- God’s new spread complete in Cambodia.

2. Health

- Have safe and healthy life style.

- Get enough treatment service.

- Have Poly clinic for poor people.

Value Statement

These values are reflected in the spiritual, attitude, and activities of our program.

- We believe that Christian in Cambodia is growing up more and more.

- We believe in a holistic approach to empower the poor and marginalized to have ownership ot their development.

- We believe that all children should have free access to education to develop their intelligence and skill.

- We believe that all people have the right to have good food, safe water, and health service.

- We believe in people’s creativity and their ability to develop unique solution to their problem.

Spiritual development


Leadership Training Course Service


Children Teacher Service


Church Activity in Area Base