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Strategy Statement

1. Physical Mission

a. Developing

- Build the capacity of leaderships to manage and sustain their own development.

- Make the place and food for high school student.

- Train and teach rural people more about how to use external resource.

- Develop a community’s resource to meet their needs with their own resource

- Provide disaster relief with food, rice, water (filter water, well, pound...), mosquito nets, mat, and emergency health service with medicine.

- Make the bridge, pound. - Make the primary school for separate village.

- Provide the education development with books, pens, tables, and blackboard.

- Cooperate with other organization and generous person.

b. health

- Go to meet rural people for check-up and provide medicine monthly.

- Train and teach rural people about how to live in healthy condition with clean water, hygiene food, and so on.

- Transfer emergency disease for treatment.

- Keep continuing medicine for who need, like hypertension, Diabetes...

- We keep the over-the-counter medicine in leader of rural to use in mild disease like headache, fever...

- Cooperate with Organization or generous person who has the same vision.

- Place volunteer person to help our work.

- Provide the Albedazol (worm drug) for all children who are over 1 year old at least twice per year.


Vision Statement

1. Physical

a. Development

- All children can get education.

- All youths can finish at least high school class and have enough ability.

- Rural people get enough income from their resource.

- They are safe with traveling and living.

b. health - Have safe and healthy life style.

- Get enough treatment service.

- Have Poly clinic for poor people.


Value Statement

These values are reflected in the spiritual, attitude, and activities of our program.

- We believe that Christian in Cambodia is growing up more and more.

- We believe in a holistic approach to empower the poor and marginalized to have ownership to their development.

- We believe that all children should have free access to education to develop their intelligence and skill.

- We believe that all people have the right to have good food, safe water, and health service.

- We believe in people’s creativity and their ability to develop unique solution to their problem.


Agricultural Project


Education Project


Health Project

01A Miss Somaly  Sok and Lakena Teang healed poor people at the church .JPG 01B Miss Somaly  Sok and Lakena Teang healed poor people at the church ..JPG Dr. Ian shared his true feeling in Cambodia to the committee of CADSPC at pastor Sarann Nget's house.JPG

The committee prayed for their going back home.JPG The committee's family of CADSPC took a photos with Mr. Kevin Ea's family and Dr. Ian's family..JPG The family of Mr.Kevin Ea and Dr. Ian had a missionary in Cambodia through CADSPC. They went to remote area to heal poor people in Cambodia..JPG

Water Sanitation Project