Over many years the Rotary Clubs of Melbourne South and St Kilda have worked diligently within the City of Port Philip to help address issues and create a more successful and caring community.  On many occasions these two great clubs had collaborated on projects to the benefit of all and in doing so we came to realise that there were many synergies and shared goals across our members.  As membership was a challenge for both clubs it was only natural that discussions began to be had around what we could achieve together and in 2015 the clubs were in serious consideration of what benefits were to be had by merging our clubs.  Both Melbourne South and St Kilda had a long and proud history so a great deal of thought was given to acknowledging the achievements of both clubs and their club members.  The merger was not undertaken lightly and there were many issues which needed to be carefully considered but ultimately the joining of the clubs was achieved with due deference to our collective histories.  Fast forward to 2018 and the united club has gone from strength to strength in terms of our vision, goals and financial robustness.  Club meetings are lively and fun and member participation is strong.  Whilst not without some early challenges it is clear that together we are stronger and our united membership is moving steadily forward into the new Rotary year with drive, dedication and purpose.

WEBSITE https://www.melbournesouthrotary.com.au/