It all started in 2013

During his Junior year of college at Chapman University (Orange, CA), Founder Kyle Kim-E decided to spend his spring break in the amazing country of Cambodia – what many at the time considered an “alternative spring break.”

Prior to leaving, Kyle did research and learned startling statistics about Cambodia. One in particular stood out – nearly 75% of Cambodia’s annual deaths are attributed to contaminated water. Unable to understand why this number was surprisingly high, Kyle went to Cambodia with an open mind. After a life-changing experience, he was exposed to the country’s tragic history, poverty, and lack of water education. It was easy to see how these life-threatening conditions created alarming water problems in Cambodia. Upon returning from his trip in 2013, Kyle partnered with his Cambodian friend & business partner, Savry Sok, to establish a 501(c)3 non-profit called Wells for Wellbeing.